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Cyber Security Services In Adelaide

Secure Konnect are South Australia’s premier cyber security specialists, based in beautiful Adelaide a short walk from Tarntanyangga. We provide a range of services from incident planning and response, penetration testing, cyber security awareness training and audit and compliance

With 15 years of cyber security experience Secure Konnect are proud to offer Adelaide business the best in class cyber security.

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NIST Cyber Security Framework

Secure Konnect provide NIST Cyber Security Framework assessments and audits. Our assessment reports offer a full picture of your current cyber security posture across 150 data points. The report is accompanied with a strategic roadmap towards maturity in a set time period defined by you

Small business cyber security

Secure Konnect provide a leading edge small business cyber security assessment for small businesses that have not previously conducted a cyber maturity review. Our assessment is based on ten criteria we have selected as most critical to your security from our real time cyber security incident data. The criteria also align with leading cyber security frameworks so you can show your customer the intention to align and comply with leading standards. This provides assurance and builds reputation in your business.

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We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

Secure Konnect partner with South Australian and Federal government departments, and many industries including the construction, manufacturing, mining, retail and real estate sectors. We also work closely with Adelaide small businesses – the heart of a thriving economy from from Golden Grove to Bedford.

Your unique requirements are our starting point to provide you with a solution that matches your individual business requirements.

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Online Stores

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Health Care

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Small Businesses


What We Offer

Whether your business is based on McLaren Vale, Rundle Mall or Port Adelaide you deserves a cyber security strategy dedicated to your unique organisational context.

Secure Konnect’s award winning cyber security awareness and phishing training helps ensure your human firewall is up-to-speed with the latest knowledge so they can protect your business.Your staff are your key asset – so use them to your advantage!

We are experts in audit to key cyber frameworks including IS027001, ASD Essential 8, NIST, PSPF, AESCSF, APRA, CIS. Our GRC team based in central Adelaide ensure cyber security is aligned to your existing management systems.

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Third Party/Supplier Security

Third party security should be key to your cyber security strategy. An increasing number of cyber attacks come via your partners and your business partners are assessing their suppliers cyber security status. You are only as secure as the weakest link in your supplier chain

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Cloud Security Services

Digital transformation of most work environments means that an increasing proportion of the services you use will be cloud based, managed services or software-as-as-service (SaaS). Our cloud security measures ensure you consume as-a-service securely and that you have the back-ups in place should they fail

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virtual Cyber Security Staff

Some businesses may not want or need permanent cyber security staff and all the hr responsibilities. Secure Konnect offer experienced cyber officers on a dial-up – dial down basis.  You can assign them to specific tasks in your strategic roadmap, or have the resource working a pre-defined set of hours to manage your cyber maturity


Communicating  Security

Secure Konnect provide a new approach to cyber security in Adelaide – helping you communicate cyber risk to your Board, CEO or investors. Research shows that top level executives are still not buying in to cyber risk – as business and risk communication experts we can help, ensuring you get traction and the resources you need to secure the organisation 

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What does my CEO need to know?

Providing your CEO or senior exec with the right information, at the right time, in the right form, is critical to receiving the budget required for the security of your organisation

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